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Re-home a pet?

Do your best to find a great home for your family friend.  Make a flyer (color with photo is best), and share it with everyone you know who might provide a good home – friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, people at your church, in the clubs you belong to, etc.  People like to help, and this way, YOU get to choose the home where your family friend goes.  You know your pet best — and can best choose someone who’s capable of meeting your pet’s physical, exercise, training, emotional and veterinary needs.  Even better if they already have a relationship with the person you choose!

Contact area rescues and no-kill shelters to see if they have space, or if you can get your pet on their waiting list.  The easiest way to identify all the rescues and shelters near you is to go to www.petfinder.com, enter your zip code, and search for the rescues and shelters nearest you.

Leavenworth residents may normally relinquish a pet at Leavenworth Animal Control shelter.  The staff there works very hard to find new homes or rescue for the pets, but they do euthanize animals that are not readily adoptable or when demand exceeds resources.  2019 S. Third Street, Leavenworth.  913-682-0268.  If you live in Leavenworth, your taxes pay for this shelter’s services.

Fort Leavenworth residents may relinquish pets at the Stray Facility on post.  913-684-4939.

Email LCHS with a digital photo and description of your pet.   We  can only intake pets when we have a suitable, available volunteer foster home available, but we are more than happy to help you advertise for a new home for your family pet on our Facebook page.

We prefer to work with owners to help them retain the pets they already love, so if we can help you do that with training, veterinary assistance, or some other resource, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

No matter what, do not abandon your pet.  They rely on you.  You’re responsible for them.

Abandonment is a criminal act, Cruelty to Animals, under Kansas state law (KSA 21-6412).  In addition to feeling horrible, you may also be subject to fine and/or jail time.


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Leavenworth County Humane Society Inc.
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