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Lost a pet?

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Pets with ID and/or properly and currently registered microchips are MUCH more likely than “anonymous pets” to be returned to their owners.

Please provide your pet I.D. —

an embroidered collar (or even indelible marker-ed collar) with their name, your name and your phone number, an ID tag with the same information, or a microchip that you keep updated with your current address and phone number.

Licensing / registering your pet in accordance with your city’s requirements can also be your pet’s ticket home!

Please don’t wait and assume they’ll come home. The longer they’re gone, the less likely you are to find them.
–LOOK for your pet, on foot, on horseback, by bike, by car.  Search the areas most familiar to your pet first.  Sometimes, having another animal they’re familiar with along can help locate a missing pet.  Whistle, call, hoot, shake a jar or bag of treats, jingle keys or dog tags, snap the link on their leash, and then LISTEN.
–Immediately notify neighbors that your pet is missing, and ask them to keep your pet safe, and let you know if they find him/her.
–Place something they’re familiar with in an accessible but protected area — on your porch, deck, patio, etc.  It could be a bed, a blanket, a towel, or even a shirt of yours.  The idea is to help attract them with a familiar scent.
–Set out food/water in an accessible (familiar if possible) area.
–Make flyers (color, with a photo are best) and post around your neighborhood, and in places where they can be seen by lots of people (like a local club, convenience store, gas station, fast food restaurant, City Hall, etc.)
–There are MANY lost and found pets pages on Facebook.  Posting your pet to the local ones is a great way to get the word out that you are looking.  PHOTOS speak volumes.  Leavenworth County Lost and Found Pets
–Place a “lost pet” ad in the newspaper.
–Contact local veterinarians and ask if they’ve seen your pet.   Ask if they will post one of your flyers to help locate the animal.
–Contact Leavenworth Animal Control (913-682-0268). No matter where the animal was lost, there’s still a chance they will end up at the only real shelter in the county.
–Send an email to phill@firstcity.org to let Leavenworth AC know your pet is lost.  Send or take them your flyer.
–VISIT Leavenworth AC (2019 S. Third Street, Leavenworth) and look for yourself to see if your pet is there. The person on the phone cannot see the animals when you call, and may not know about every animal in the shelter at any given moment.
–Contact the Sheriff’s Office (913-682-5724) and let them know you are looking for your animal. They do not routinely pick up strays, but do respond to some animal calls.  They also keep a lost and found pet log.  As the Animal Control Officer for Leavenworth County, the Sheriff needs to know the level of demand for animal control services.  If you do not get a response, or get a response that disappoints you, please email jsherley@leavenworthcounty.org– and cc LvnCoHS@live.com.
-Contact the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC@leavenworthcounty.org, or 913-682-0417) and let them know you want animal services in unincorporated parts of the County.
–If you are on the fringes of Leavenworth County, be sure to also contact veterinarians, shelters and law enforcement/animal control in KCK, Atchison, DeSoto, Valley Falls, Lawrence, etc. as animals don’t recognize county lines!
–Finally, email LCHS a flyer or at least a description, a photo if possible, and your contact information, so that we can be aware of the pet you are looking for.  If we hear about someone finding your pet, we will surely let you know.

Leavenworth County Humane Society Inc.
is the ONLY organization working to build and operate a no-kill pet animal shelter to serve all Leavenworth County residents.

Leavenworth County Humane Society, Inc.

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