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Found a pet?

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First and foremost, KEEP THEM SAFE!  The pet probably needs water, food and a safe place to rest no matter how they ended up where they are.

Please don’t just hope they will go somewhere else or go home.  Treat this pet the same way you’d want someone to treat your lost pet.  Help them get home again.
Please do not assume the pet has been abandoned.  It’s just as likely that they’re lost, with an owner looking for them.

If the animal needs veterinary care, please do your best to provide that.  Several Leavenworth County veterinarians have emergency services available.  LCHS, Inc. does not have an emergency line, 24 hour capability, a veterinary clinic, nor a veterinarian on staff.  If needed, contact us for assistance with the cost of necessary veterinary care for found pets.
–If the pet has an ID tag, call the owner and let them know you’ve found their pet.
–If the pet has a rabies tag, call the veterinarian listed on the tag, give them the tag number, and they will either contact the owner with your contact information, or provide you the owner’s contact information.
–If the pet has a city license/registration tag, call the Animal Control / Police Department who issued the tag and see if they can give you owner information, or pass your contact information to the owner they have on record.
–If you can’t contact the owner, and you live within Leavenworth city limits, call your Police Department (913-682-4411) or Animal Control (913-682-0268) and let them know you’ve found a stray. They will pick up the animal, or ask you to bring it in to the shelter if you can.  Your taxes pay for animal control services.
–If you can’t contact the owner, and you live within Basehor, Lansing or Tonganoxie city limits, call your Police Department (Basehor: 913-724-3397; Lansing: 913-727-3000; Tonganoxie 913-845-2311) and let them know you’ve found a stray.
–If you can’t contact the owner, and you live “in the county,” contact the Sheriff’s Office (913-682-5724) and let them know you’ve found an animal.  They do not routinely pick up strays, but do respond to some animal calls.  If you do not get a response, or get a response that disappoints you, please contact jsherley@leavenworthcounty.org and cc LvnCoHS@live.com.
–Contact the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC@leavenworthcounty.org, or 913-682-0417) and let them know you want animal services in unincorporated parts of the County.
–Take a digital photo and email LCHS with information about where and when the pet was found and where it is now. Tell us about pet’s size and sex since we may not be able to judge that from the photo.
–Make flyers (color with a photo are best) with your contact information and post them around the area where you found the pet (yes, even if you live out in the middle of nowhere.  You never know who is going to see your flyer, or who’s out looking for this pet!)
–Let your neighbors know you’ve found a pet and share the flyer with them.
–Post a notice with photo  on Facebook – Leavenworth County Lost and Found Pets.  There are many other pages, but this is a good place to start.
–Place a “found pet” ad in the newspaper.
–Call local veterinarians and let them know you’ve found a pet. The owner may be calling them already to try to locate their pet. Ask if they will post one of your flyers to help locate the animal.
–Contact Leavenworth Animal Control (913-682-0268). No matter where the animal was lost, owners may be checking there to try to find the pet. E-mail or take a copy of your flyer to phill@firstcity.orgThe shelter address is 2019 S. Third Street, Leavenworth.
–If you are on the fringes of Leavenworth County, be sure to also contact veterinarians, shelters and law enforcement/animal control in Bonner Springs, KCK, Atchison, DeSoto, Valley Falls, Lawrence, etc. as animals don’t recognize county lines!

Leavenworth County Humane Society Inc.
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